Closing Down Sale

The Succulent Garden will be relocating to Queensland on October 31.

In the meantime all Sydney stock must be sold. 

The last date for orders will be October 25.

We'll be having a final clearance for those that wish to visit on the

October long weekend - Saturday 5th to Monday 7th - 9am to 3pm.


4712 Old Northern Road, Maroota - look for the sign next to the road.


Our driveway is pretty rough so if your car is lowered at all (an ordinary car is ok) you’ll need to park in the paddock just inside the gate and walk down.

Walking around can be pretty rough too so wear sensible shoes.

STRICTLY NO DOGS. We have two dogs who go nuts at the sight of other dogs.

If you’re bringing children you’ll need to supervise them at all times. We’re in the bush with all manner of possible beasties (not that we’ve seen any of the slithering kind for quite a while) and other hazards.

Please note that our Glenorie address has closed.