Echeveria unidentified

Echeveria unidentified

Echeverias are arguably the most attractive of all succulents, highly valued for their amazing colours and variation, with the stunning leaf colour of many varieties at its most brilliant in the cooler months. Native to the Americas, they are prized by collectors and gardeners alike. Their rosettes range in size from 2cm to 50cm in diameter.

They generally flower in the warmer months with colours ranging from white to orange to pink to red.

Most Echeveria are summer growers. Once established they can tolerate extended dry periods without watering but will grow stronger if they receive adequate water during their growing season.

Free draining, porous soil is essential to prevent root rot.

Good ventialtion is important for minimising pest and disease risks. Mealey bug and aphids find them irresistable so regular drenching with a suitable pesticide during the warmer months is advised.

Generally, the more sun they get the better they will display their colours and shape, but protect them from excessive sun during hot weather. 

Echeveria unidentified (EC-402)
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