Sedeveria are a hybrid cross between Sedum and Echeveria.

Sedeveria will display their best colours and remain compact when grown in a sunny position. They are very hardy and multiply readily. Water infrequently. Neglect is best with these plants. Give them an occasional trim to keep them looking great.

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Sedeveria 'Darley Dale' Sedeveria 'Darley Dale'

Sedeveria 'Darley Dale'

Small pale green rosettes to 6cm offset freely to form a dense mound. Relatively large apricot flowers on short stems. Sun/part sun.

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Sedeveria 'Fanfare' Sedeveria 'Fanfare'

Sedeveria 'Fanfare'

A low growing cultivar with delicate pale silver-green slender leaves massing densely on a short stem. Offsets freely to form a dense clump. Part sun/light shade.

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Sedeveria 'Letizia' Sedeveria 'Letizia'

Sedeveria 'Letizia' Click here

To 20cm tall with bright green rosettes to 6cm in diameter, red margins. White flowers.

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Sedeveria maialen Sedeveria maialen

Sedeveria maialen

A chunky compact cultivar with lime green leaves tipped with red, offsetting freely to form dense mounds. Rosettes to 10cm. Sun/part sun.

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Sedeveria 'Pat's Pink' Sedeveria 'Pat's Pink'

Sedeveria 'Pat's Pink'

A small shrub to 15cm with beautiful pink leaves clustered heavily along the stems. Excellent spill-over plant. Sun/part sun.

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Sedeveria 'Starburst' Sedeveria 'Starburst'

Sedeveria 'Starburst'

Masses of longish rounded silvery green leaves cluster along slender branches to form a small shrub. Develops an apricot hue when grown in full sun. Great cascading over the sides of a pot. Sun/part sun.

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