Dischidia oiantha variegated

Dischidia oiantha variegated

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Dischidia oiantha variegata, also known as the Variegated Dischidia, is a delightful epiphytic succulent that hails from Southeast Asia.   The trailing stems of Dischidia oiantha variegata are adorned with small, waxy, oval leaves in a lush green hue with white edges, creating a striking contrast.

Great for hanging baskets, use a container that is one size bigger than the plant’s root ball.  6-8 inch pots with proper drainage holes work well for this ornamental vine.

This succulent thrives in dappled sunlight, mimicking its native environment. Place it near an east or north-facing window for gentle, filtered morning sunlight.

All succulents are sent bare rooted (most of the soil removed) by Express Australia Post at the start of each week. You will receive a shipping email for tracking if you provide us with your email address.