Echeveria pulidonis

Echeveria pulidonis

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Echeveria pulidonis is a very pretty slow-growing succulent that forms stemless rosettes of fleshy, pale green to bluish-green leaves with reddish-brown edges and tips. The rosettes grow up to 9 cm in diameter, producing offsets to create a clump over time.

Leaves are obovate, flat to slightly concave on the upper surface, and rounded below. They are up to 5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide.

The flowers are bright yellow, up to 1 cm long,  with strongly recurved petals, and appear on reddish, unbranched, up to 18 cm long stems that bend over their weight in spring.

Prefers light shade.

All succulents are sent bare rooted (most of the soil removed) by Express Australia Post at the start of each week. You will receive a shipping email for tracking if you provide us with your email address.