Gasteraloe Etwin
Gasteria x Aloe Hybrid Etwin

Gasteria x Aloe Hybrid Etwin

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We are closed until 13 May 2024 while we move our offices to Hervey Bay. We will be resuming orders at that time.

Gasteraloe "Etwin"  has firm, shiny leaves, dark green with numerous, often slightly raised, pale spots. The leaves are triangular in cross-section, with a ventral ridge, the leaf edges and ventral ridge have small, soft teeth. It slowly forms offsets, becoming an attractive clump in time.

An excellent container plant which grows easily on window sills and sheltered positions. Prefers full to light shade. Water sparingly in cooler weather.

Like all succulents it requires free draining soil.

All succulents are sent bare rooted (most of the soil removed) by Express Australia Post at the start of each week. You will receive a shipping email for tracking if you provide us with your email address.